How it works?


1. Find a service


You can find a service in many ways. From the Home page of the website, you can simply type the service you want or look it up on the drop down menu. You can also click on any service icon which are a shortcut to popular categories of services. When you reach the result page (search-listing.html), you can enter a start date and an end date for the service you need. You can also narrow your search with many filters like “Service sub-category”, “time slot”, “price”, “distance” and so on... Once you find an offer that matches your interests, you can click on it to find more details about this particular offer, such as: Full description of the service provider, reviews left by other members, contacts, location, availability and more... On this page you can also ask questions to the service provider and, of course, request a booking.



2. Book a service online


When you book for a service online, the service provider will immediately be notified of your booking. When the Service provider receives your request, he will confirm, decline or come back with another time slot offer. It will be the task of both the Service provider and yourself to arrange the final details. Depending on how the offer of service has been setup, the Service provider’s contact details will be either provided on their service detail page or upon confirmation of the booking.



3. Service delivery


Be at your planned meeting point on time and remember to leave a rating for the service provider after completion of the service, this way they will most likely do the same for you!




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